Root canal treatment

When a tooth is damaged, many wonder if there is a need for root canal treatment. The American Dental Association has provided data on the need for infection or inflammation of the nerve, as well as tooth pulp. The cause of the lesion may be caries, cracking, fractures or other damage to the tooth. Only a specialist can determine whether root canal treatment will cope with the current problems of the oral cavity.

Tooth pain is considered one of those signs that may indicate the need for root canal treatment. Also, they are systematic pain sensations of varying intensity, in particular when eating. Discomfort when using hot or cold drinks, hypersensitivity and inflammation of the gums can also indicate the need for root canal treatment.

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What you need to know?

If you find at least one of the above symptoms, you should contact your dentist. Competent specialists of Dental Clinic will take all necessary measures to eliminate the problems and cure their root causes. At the reception at the dentist will examine the teeth and X-ray examination. Based on the results, you will be offered the most optimal treatment option.

Root canal treatment consists of the following steps:

  • Tooth preparation. This stage includes anesthesia and isolation using a special latex plate.
  • Access to root canals. It is carried out by removing tooth tissues that are infected with caries. At this stage, a specialist completely removes infected tissue, and if necessary, the old filling material. Using an apex locator, the channel length is measured.
  • Instrumental processing of channels and their disinfection.
  • Tight sealing of channels.
  • Restoration of the coronal part of the tooth. Based on the clinical situation, the doctor may use the method of direct or indirect restoration.

Each person has their own peculiarities of the root canal structure system. Access to them is also quite complicated. Therefore, in their treatment should be used high-precision equipment, correctly cope with which only highly qualified doctors can cope. You can find such specialists and necessary equipment in Dental SPA Clinic.

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