Prosthetic dentistry

Prosthetic dentistry is one of the sections of dentistry, which is associated with the prevention and treatment of anomalies, pathologies, injuries, as well as the deformation of the masticatory apparatus.

Modern orthopedic dentistry is actively using dental prosthetics. In fact, a large part of patients need to carry out such procedures, although the person himself may not even think about it. However, the doctor should determine its expediency. As well as whether there is a need to undergo a certain course of treatment of the oral cavity.

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Why is this procedure needed?

Specialists of Dental SPA Clinic with the help of orthopedic dentistry are able to solve the following tasks:

  • prevent the occurrence of tooth defects, artificially restore lost tissue;
  • restore lost teeth;
  • prevent dentofacial deformities and promptly eliminate them if necessary;
  • prevent the occurrence of the temporomandibular joint pathology and cure it;
  • eliminate periodontitis.

Prostheses can be classified depending on the characteristics of the material used, the design, the types of defects for which they are intended, etc. But one of the main criteria for the separation is the type of production - manual or digital. There are also two types of prosthetics: micro and macro.

In the field of prosthetic dentistry, Dental SPA Clinic provides the following services and installs:

  • veneers;
  • E-Max all-ceramic crowns;
  • metal-ceramic crowns and bridges;
  • zirconia crowns and bridges;
  • partially removable dentures;
  • byugel dentures;
  • fully removable dentures.

The best orthopedic dentistry specialists work at the Dental SPA Clinic. We do our job efficiently and are always ready to come to your aid. You will be satisfied with the result of the work done, because our team employs only highly professional and certified specialists who are ready to guarantee the desired result.

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