Professional dental hygiene

Professional dental hygiene is one of the most important procedures of our time, the popularity of which will never subside. It will cope with the prevention of caries, gum disease, freshen breath, lighten the enamel and give your smile a perfect look.

Brushing your teeth at home will never be complete and will not remove the entire plaque, no matter how hard you try. Hard-to-reach places in the oral cavity really exist, and this is not a worldwide conspiracy of marketers. Basically, most of the plaque remains between the teeth and under the gum. As practice shows, it is impossible to completely clean out all the pollution on your own. And the result of the accumulation of plaque in the future may be the emergence of a dense film on the teeth and tartar. Only a hygienist can cope with such problems.

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What you need to know?

What danger lurks in plaque:

  • the resulting tartar causes gingivitis - and, accordingly, serious periodontal disease;
  • the chances of caries are increasing due to poor oral hygiene. His treatment is rather more expensive and longer than systematic professional cleansing;
  • there is bad breath, poor appearance and loss of smile aesthetics.

Highly qualified specialists of DSC Dental Spa Clinic will conduct the procedure in accordance with all the requirements and standards for it. Professional oral care consists of the following steps:

  • removal of tartar using ultrasound. To do this, use a special nozzle - scaler;
  • cleaning each tooth from all sides by the air-abrasive method;
  • polishing with a special paste, for even greater smoothness of the tooth surface;
  • enamel fluoridation is carried out following the recommendation of the dentist. This procedure is aimed at strengthening the enamel and its protection, as well as the removal of tooth sensitivity.

After carrying out professional hygiene, our specialist will conduct a re-examination and will give individual recommendations for oral care. We draw your attention to the fact that after brushing your teeth you need to change your toothbrush. Our clients need only adhere to the recommendations provided and then nothing will threaten the health of the oral cavity. And to maintain the normal state of the teeth will be sufficient to carry out the procedure 4-6 times a year.

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